By the blessing of H.H Param Pujya Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj and the determination of Patanjali Ayurved Limited., cheap and best quality Swadeshi Product is to be made available to each and every household, I am a well-wisher and supporter of this movement and is committed to get rid of the foreign MNCs loot to make the country self-reliant and economic super power.

( Please read the criteria for applying for Salt-Dealership & Salt-Super Dealership as per the instruction provided )
Criteria for Salt-Super Dealership (Click Here)
Criteria for Salt-Dealership(Click Here)

Do you Have Any experience of FMCG distribution / Wholesale distribution / Other distribution?*     Yes       No
if Yes, Brief History of the products of the distribution business you have done so far.
Name of the company for whom you have already done the distribution*
1. Year From To
2. Year From To
3. Year From To
4. Year From To
5. Year From To
If No, then give detail of your present business.

If you accept the above terms and conditions and is ready to give us all the information’s mentioned above then please attach your last year ITR (Income Tax Return) and balance sheets with this application form and
send to Email ID. abhuydaivibhag@patanjaliayurved.org.
A. Patanjali Ayurved Limited Reserves the right to reject or accept any application without assigning any reason, however the information given in this form would not used anywhere and would be highly confidential.
B. Are you already engage with patanjali pariwar?   Yes       No
If yes then mention the cadre.
Karyakarta Yog Teacher Life Patron Founder Corporate Member, Others
C. The Person who deals with the trade of Intoxication Business are not eligible to fill the form because our organisation is a Social and Spiritual Organisation
  I Agree with Term and Conditions