PATANJALI AYURVED LIMITED, a Company registered under the Company’s Act, 1956 having its Registered Office at D-26, Pushpanjali, Bijwasan Enclave, New Delhi – 110061 and Works: 1. Unit-I at:D-38, Industrial Area, Haridwar, Uttarakhand; 2.Unit-II at :YOGPEETH, Maharshi Dayanand Gram, Delhi Highway, Haridwar; and 3.Unit-III:Vill-Padartha, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India. The Company was originally formed as a Private Limited Company on 13th January, 2006 and subsequently converted into Public Limited Company on 25th June, 2007. Presently, the Board of Directors of the Company is managed by Sri Acharya Balkrishnaji as its Managing Director alongwith Swami Muktanandji and Sri Ajay Kumar Arya, as Directors of the Company. The Main objects as per Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company, interalia, contains: To manufacture, process, refine, formulate, import, export and deal in all kinds of Ayurvedic and herbal Products, Life Savings Drugs etc. apart from so many other related objects. The concept for forming this Company was to “link the rising destiny of millions of rural masses on the one hand and many more suffering and leading unhealthy urban life style on the other”. The Vision of the Respected Swami Ramdevji Maharaj, the renowned YOGA GURU and Sri Acharya Balkrishnaji, made the concept into writing through formation of the Company “PATANJALI AYURVED LIMITED”. PATANJALI AYURVED Ltd is a company that functions like all other companies under the Rules and Regulations of the Company Law Affairs and several other Laws applicable for these type of Industries, yet is constantly striving for nation building more than the profit accumulation. At microlevel the challenge is no less herculean. Along with PRANAYAM, the wisdom of our ancient sages, the organic food products and herbal medicines churned out of this unit, trying to undertake the challenges to fight out the dreaded and incurable diseases like CANCER and AIDS. Claim for having found a lasting cure for many other relatively more rampant but equally tormenting diseases like Diabetes, Arthritis and Thyroid is already established with thousands of patients cured with satisfaction. Superior quality of our products at a fair price is not the only concern that we have. Getting our patients rid of their diseases is again too limited a goal for us to seek. A holistic approach to improve the quality of life of all beings, world over, is the purpose behind our being. Getting rid the food we consume of the pollutants in the form of poisonous pesticides and chemical fertilizers that our farmers use, is a goal that we strive to achieve by providing our people the eatables that are cultivated in organic and natural manures and pest repellents. The bringing of Ayurvedic medicines along with Pranayam, Asnaas, pure food and natural drinks is a package perhaps the world was waiting for long, for the two saints in the form of SWAMI RAMDEVJI and ACHARYA BALKRISHNAJI,
Units of Patanjali Ayurved Limited:

  1. Already 12 successful units running including units for Packaging material and Containers e.g. flour mill, candy plant, herbal cosmetic and detergent plants, digestives unit, juice plant etc.
  2. Co-packing facility-Tetra Pak and Volpack
  3. Multi-fruit juice processing line
  4. Neutraceutical Processing Line
  5. Sale Outlets: Patanjali brand with national and international reach, more than 85,000 retail outlets-accessible to Patanjali products

Employment Generation:

  1. Currently PAL employs more than 6000 labourers in its processing activities.
  2. More than 400 Sales Staff.
  3. PAL has more than 300 technically qualified employees.
  4. PAL has provided more than 2.00 Lac indirect employment.

The Company started doing its business for the benefit of mankind for the last 4-5 years and we are very much excited to see responses of the people worldwide. The following figures for the last three years of its working it self will tell the story of the Company’s achievements as well as public faith in the Company’s products:-

Financial Years
Particulars 2009-2010( Crores) 2010-2011 ( Crores) 2011-2012 ( Crores)
Sales 162.67 317.66 451.22
Profit Before Tax(PBT) 48.83 88.14 70.20
Profit After Tax(PAT) 33.24 68.38 58.89
% of PBT of Sales 30.00 27.75 15.55
% of PAT of Sales 20.43 21.53 12.38

The above data speaks the growth rate of the Company and popularity and faith of the Public in PATANJALI AYURVED LIMITED. The Company has already launched its products in the open market all over India on the demand and response of both the rural and urban people. Today, the Company alone is making approx. 200 domestic products of food items, Cosmetic Items and the Ayurvedic Medicines and many more things to come.